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Swift™ FX Bella Loop Combo Pack

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  • Swift™ FX Bella Loop Combo Pack


The Swift FX™ Headgear and Bella Gray loops accessory combo pack comes with 2 different styles of headgear. The FX headgear with gray and light blue back straps with soft gray wraps , bella gray loops which also have soft wraps to make wearing your headgear soft and comfortable.


Included in the Package


  • Two Bella loops (1 pair)
  • 1 pair of buckles to attach the Bella loops to the CPAP mask pillows
  • 4 Gray soft wraps made for the Bella loops
  • Swift FX Headgear so you can switch back and forth from the Bella loops or the Swift FX headgear
  • 2 Gray soft straps used with the Swift FX Headgear
  • Special Features of the Bella Loops Combo Pack

    •  The Bella Loops go around your ears. This unique fit makes the Swift FX Bella the least obtrusive nasal pillow on the market
    •  The Bella Loops are made with the softest material and light on your face


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